Wednesday, 22 June 2016

German Laundry Convenience made possible

Professional cleaning services from the experts. Of course this isn’t a self-proclaimed title but professionalism comes with the job and that’s what we offer. We offer a service of convenience and one less chore to take care of in your busy life. You can be rest assured, we treat your clothes like one of our own and care of them like they’re the best. After all, the best people will expect the best services from the best people.

German Laundry is not only a professional laundry service but also offers several services under its umbrella:

Moth & Dust Mites Repellent – Dust Mites grow mostly in the bed room which provides them with the right, food, warmth and temperature to proliferate. Under these conditions taking care of your clothes to make them Dust and Moth free all by your own requires extra care and attention. We at German Laundry make sure that your clothes are not only clean but also stay fresh and looking new for a long time.

Colour Guard – If you’ve ever washed clothes by yourself you would realise how difficult it is at times to make sure your clothes sometimes don’t lose their colour. You will also come across instances when the colour on one of your clothes has spread on a white cloth completely ruining it. Our Colour Guard treatment protects the colours of all of your outfits.

Starching – One should be aware that not all clothes can be starched. Only a few of the clothes can be starched to give them a crisp, fresh and crease-free look. Depending on your requirements we undertake this service exactly matching your need.

Alteration and touch up – when do you find a tailor when you need one. Next time when you don’t find a tailor for alteration, you can look to us for your alteration and touch up needs. If you need any kind of alteration for any of your clothes just let us know. Our professional and experienced tailor will get the job done. Your clothes will look as good as new.

And there are many more services that we offer that will cut down more of your time, energy and money.

If you have any clothes that need cleaning that are you household items, we take care of it as well. And it’s not just cleaning - it’s cleaning and caring for clothes. We also call ourselves the stain-remover specialists. No matter how stubborn the stains are on your household items, we are more stubborn than the stains and make sure it’s the stain that is removed and the sheen of your clothes.

We offer service with a smile which speaks for itself. Our dedication to serve our customers with impeccable professionalism, hard work and highly qualified and trained people our work speaks for ourselves.

Come be part of the German Laundry family. Our service started in Mumbai and we’re expanding our reach elsewhere making our professional services accessible to more customers.

At German Laundry, we prefer to offer our customers the convenience no other service provider can match.